Beach, Box & Bedroom


We're back from the beach! Over 1100 pages of fiction read, hours at the beach spent, a decent tan procured, a thrifted armchair purchased, and quality time with family enjoyed. It was an unusually relaxing and fulfilling week. 


So now that I'm back, I just want to share a few recent projects. As you've maybe noticed by now, my decorating efforts have largely been focused on our bedroom. I think it's so wonderful to have a peaceful, calming space for us at the end of the day, and I've slowly been adding little details that make it feel finished. 

Awhile back, I made this necklace hanger, but I still needed a place to store my earrings and bracelets. Right now, they are taking up a whole dresser drawer, and I want like to make it more efficient.

I found this little box on the clearance rack at Target. The pink wasn't working for me, so I picked up a can of white spray paint/primer at Walmart. I disassembled all the tiny screws and hinges, and sanded the heck out of the thing.


After removing the pink dust with a damp paper towel, I gave it a couple of coats of paint. It definitely wasn't a perfect job, as I got some drips, and some weird crackling on parts (not shown in the picture), but the finish seems durable, and I love how it pops on the shelf.


I also converted the ceiling fan over our bed into a wire pendant light. I got this shade for my birthday, and paired it with a turn key pendant kit. I had to use the turn-key version, because there's no wall switch to turn the light on/off. So here are some new shots of our nearly finished bedroom.

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