nightstand remix


These are my new nightstands. Actually, they aren't new at all—I just gave them a little facelift. You remember those new dressers I just got?


Well, they didn't exactly go with our old IKEA Hemnes nightstands—which I got off of Craigslist a couple years ago. But I really liked these little guys with their shelves, drawers, and skinny legs, so I started scheming a way to transform them on the cheap.


 I've been seeing so many eye-catching white/wood combos lately, I realized that I could easily get a similar effect by painting the tables white and staining the drawer fronts a nice warm tone.

 The tables are solid pine, so I was able to sand off the drawer's black finish with my trusty palm sander. I LOVE that thing. Then I stained it and poly-d it with some stuff I had on hand.


I also lightly sanded the top surfaces of the tables with 100 grit paper, and primed with a KILZ oil-based, stain-blocking primer. I am paranoid of bleed-through, so I just went full throttle with the big guns—really smelly big guns. After that I did three coats of white cabinet paint, leftover from the kitchen renovation.

My glamorous workstation.

My glamorous workstation.

My original plan was to replace the knobs with some brass ring pulls like these, but I was worried that the ring might hang down too far, since the drawers are so shallow. Also, I didn't find any ring pulls at Home Depot and was too impatient to order anything.


I started looking around online, and found that Anthropologie had some really great options. I settled on these gorgeous brass bar pulls for $6/pop, because I thought they would complement the long, narrowness of the drawers. Thankfully, my local Anthropologie had them in stock, so I left the kids with my mom and dashed out to grab a couple. They are even nicer in person than online... 



This was definitely one of those projects that produced a grand effect for not a lot of work or expense. It was a very satisfying makeover. Not too shabby for $12 a/pop, huh? 


And just because I love before and afters SO much, here's a side by side. And look, the nightstand even grew—it must be happier now.


Here's a final shot with the nightstand back in it's home. Hurray for cheap upgrades! The jury is still out on whether I should paint the walls a more neutral whitish gray. Any thoughts?


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