We are officially finished with our kitchen renovation! Actually, we have been finished for awhile, but it has taken me way too long to get all the photos taken and processed... Just to recap the process a little bit, here is the house before we moved in back in 2010: 


Soon after moving in, we replaced the flooring, painted, and got things looking as decent as possible without actually changing much...


Eventually I got around to removing the weird, scalloped thingy over the window, and this is what it pretty much looked like until this summer: 


After getting some unexpected income through a big tax refund and home refinance, we decided to go ahead with a more extensive renovation. I have been formulating my plans for the kitchen since we moved in, so I mostly knew what I wanted. Here is the mood board I created for inspiration:


And here it is now, after adding additional lights, removing the cabinet to the left of the window, painting the rest of the cabinets, selecting and installing new counters & sink, building out the soffit to accommodate a subway tile backsplash & wall, adding open shelving, and replacing the dishwasher. It has taken an incredible amount of work, but we are so happy with the results:  


So there you have it, folks! I can't believe I get to have a kitchen I like so much. We are thoroughly enjoying it and feel quite blessed. Sometimes after the kids go to bed, I go and sit in the corner with the lights dimmed and just stare at it. I am beyond thrilled with how everything turned out.  

We just finished some final tweaks on the dining area, so stay posted for those afters tomorrow. I will also be publishing a source list soon. Thanks for stopping by!