It's been awhile. All of my tile photos were on Peter's iPhone, so it took me awhile to get around to have him download them. Sorry for the delay...

When we left off, I had just finished building the soffit to get ready for the tile wall. After some discussion, we decided that it made more sense for us to hire someone to lay our tile. We probably could have done it, but we really didn't have the time, and I was running out of steam. Thankfully, I had budgeted most of the cost of hiring someone into our original quote, so it wasn't a huge decision.

The day after I finished the soffit,  I got a call from our contractor (whose name is Dwight) to say that he had a project cancelled and he could come the next morning. We weren't quite ready for that, as we hadn't finalized the grout color and were still waiting on a few bullnose tiles to come in. But I called the tile store, and, amazingly, the tiles were ready for pick-up! 

We still had to choose our grout color, though... I think I mentioned this before, but we decided to go with simple, glossy white subway tiles from The Tile Shop. Since our lower cabinets are dark gray, I thought it would be nice for the grout to have some gray in it, without being too stark. Peter really liked white grout, so it took us awhile to decide upon a compromise. Several discussions and Pinterest browsings later, light gray won the day. These are some of my favorite inspirations:

Unfortunately, the lightest gray (Whisper Gray) that The Tile Shop had was still too dark for my liking, so I made my own concoction by mixing it with white. Something like 3 parts white to 1 part gray. I am very happy with the color.

Here is the kitchen when the contractors arrived: 


Dwight's assistant worked on plastering my soffit extension while Dwight got started on the tile. They were both very kind, orderly, and professional. I was very impressed with their work. 


Beautiful, right? I could just stand and look at it for an hour. It is exactly what I had hoped it would be. We had some issues with uneven spacing, so Dwight came back and reset a few tiles and grouted a couple days later. He was really great about fixing them, and we are so pleased with how it turned out. Dwight did a fantastic job.  

And this is crazy, (Dwight said so, too) but if you notice, the tiles on the wall to the left of the sink fit exactly in the space from top to bottom. THERE WERE NO CUTS.  And aside from the half tile cuts to give the classic subway tile layout, there were no cuts from left to right, either. And under the window above the sink, two tiles fit perfectly under the ledge. Crazy, huh? It was just another reminder of how God was helping me, even in these tiny details.

So, that night, I worked on adding cabinet hardware (with a little helper, of course)... 


And this is what we were left with when the contractors left. (Although, this was before he came back to grout and adjust the tiles, so the grout lines will be lighter, and the frog tape will be gone)