Dining Area


So, I just finished some final decor tweaks in the dining area. Eventually I would like to get a little dish cabinet to go under the chalkboard, but I am calling it done for now. 

Just to jog your memory, this is what greeted us when we bought the house:  



We painted and decorated the space soon after moving in. I really liked it, but after living with it for a few years, I realized that the dining set was too big and dark for the room. I also got tired of the green and wanted to create a more cohesive feel with the rest of our house.

Thankfully, I was able to sell the dining set on Craigslist, so that paid for a good chunk of the new table and chairs. Just to jog your memory, this is what the dining area looked like before we moved in:


Here are some shots of how it looks now: 


We made the table and chose to mix and match white chairs. The side chairs are from overstock.com and the end chairs were end-of-summer clearance from West Elm—thanks to some birthday money and credit card points. They are technically outdoor chairs, but I just fell in love with the herringbone metalwork. They are one of my favorite purchases. They are actually quite comfy, too

The walnut mirror came as a set with a mid-century dresser I found at the thrift store. I use the dresser as a credenza in the living room, so I was thrilled to find a spot for its mirror. It really helps to visually expand the space and reflect lots of light. The white plates on either side of the mirror are pieces of the china set that Peter surprised me with for Christmas a few years ago. Unfortunately, I have neither space nor budget for a china cabinet, so I really wanted to display them somehow. 

The chalkboard is just a piece of thin underlayment board from Home Depot spray painted with chalkboard paint. I repurposed the picture ledge that was already on the wall by painting it white and re-positioning it on the wall. 

We are really enjoying having a table and chairs that match the scale of the room. It is amazing how much easier it is to use a table that isn't squashed into a space! Next week I will do a post documenting how we made the table...