Back from the Beach

We just got back from a lovely beach week at the Outer Banks with my whole family. The weather was incredible, and we had so much fun. Two of my brothers have been traveling all summer, so it was really nice to spend time with them again. The trip started out a little rough because E got a fever and threw up a few minutes before we were supposed to leave, so we had to delay a few hours. Let's just say it was a tough trip. Fussy kids, fevers and traffic don't mix too well.

The kids were pretty grumpy this year for some reason–I don't think they got enough sleep. R was particularly clingy, so he spent alot of time just floating on an inner-tube in my lap. He loved it, and it was relaxing for me, too. But then my brothers busted the tube... Thanks, boys. (They were nice and replaced it for me)


My family watched the kids several times so that Pete and I could catch up on some sleep and also have a date. We pretty much started dating at the beach, so we have a long history of love there. One of our favorite spots is the little harbor town of Manteo. It is pretty touristy, but it has some fun shops and a nice boardwalk along the sound. We like to go to a little place called the Full Moon Cafe. I highly recommend the Cajun Chicken Quesadilla. I have ordered it every time for the past ten years. It is that good.


This year, my family did a talent show. We have never done that before, but it was a hoot. Everyone got really into it, and we had everything from Dr. Steve Brule's brother and ballet to poetry reading and Doc Watson. I hope it becomes a yearly tradition.

My family always brings their bikes, and this year they brought my sister's pull-behind. E and R loved it, and we had a blast going on long bike rides together. R and I even went through the Duncan Donuts drive-thru with it. I feel like going through a drive-thru on a bike with a baby should be on everyone's bucket list. My favorite part was the slightly confused look on the attendant's face when he craned his head out the window and just said "Cute." 


All in all, it was a great trip, and it was definitely hard to think about getting back into normal daily life again. But normal daily life also has it's benefits. The kids sleep better at home, and I also have the autumn to look forward to. I think I am glad to be back.



Joy LewisComment