Countertops are in!!

Just to recap, we selected Allen + Roth white solid surface countertops for our kitchen. The Lowe's countertop installers arrived promptly on Tuesday morning. They got right to work and were completely finished within three hours. The previous weekend, my very handy dad came and removed our old formica countertops and sink. I was also able to finish all of the upper cabinet painting, so we were all ready. It felt wonderful to be able to make so much progress on the kitchen! The truck was a big hit with little R. He loves almost anything with wheels. In fact, he is sitting on my lap while I write this, pointing and saying "that, that, that..."  at the picture. Haha, boys and trucks. 


Breakfast that morning was a picnic of fiber bars, yogurt and bananas in the living room. We all had fun. There is something so nice about paying people money to do things that I cannot do to make my house better. I like to do things myself, but I have my limits, and it makes me feel so good to sit and watch other people work for me. Haha, that sounds so weird, but it is true! So we got to do this... 


While the installers did this... 


Those giant clamps above squeezed the seam together with glue, and then the installers sanded and buffed off the glue for an invisible seam. Pretty impressive!

I'm taking a rabbit trail here, but as you can see, we took down the cabinet that was to the left of the sink. Remember before?


This deserves a post of its own, but the plan is to build out the soffit–next to the air vent–about 7 inches to the left so that it lines up with the edge of the countertop. In the photo, it appears to line up with the edge of the countertop, but it doesn't actually. Once I fix it, it will then make a perfect frame for a tile wall–and open shelving. I am so excited about this project. More on that later, though...

Back to the countertops... Later in the evening, my dad came back to hook up our new garbage disposal, a Waste King 3300, which we ordered from Amazon: 


And our faucet, a Hansgrohe Allegro E from Costco. We got a fantastic deal on it, and who doesn't love Costco's return policy?  Here it is: 


While my dad was working on these, we had friends come help us sand our drawer fronts and prime our cabinet bases. It was so amazing to have help. I don't know what I would have done if I had to do those things myself. So grateful. Thanks, friends!  Here is our progress:  


Next up, reattaching doors, hardware and tile. It looks chaotic in the picture, but it is really starting to come together :)