Bedroom for the Kids

Okay, so I was going to do a kitchen post, but I am not done writing it yet, and it is more fun to keep moving, so here is a before and after of the kid's room. Have I mentioned how much I love before and afters? No? Well, I love them.  

So, my pictures are not the greatest because the lighting wasn't the greatest–but mostly because I am not a very good photographer. But it is a rare moment when I can get the kids' room cleaned up for any length of time, so I decided to just go for it. I have been mostly finished with their room for awhile, but I have had to make certain changes in it as they have grown. We used to have a cute little white toddler bed in there when E was little, but now R shares the room, and I don't want to worry about him falling out of the bed. So now we have a mattress on the floor. Not the most stylish choice, but definitely the most practical for us right now. 

So, to get the full effect of our progress, here is a shot of what the room looked like before we bought the house. Believe it or not, these were actually the pictures from the online listing. I think the sloppy pictures actually worked in our favor, though, because the house was listed for significantly less $ than others in the area, and it would've been gone in an instant if it looked better. 10 days on the market is pretty quick, though... Thankfully, most of the issues were just skin deep, and nothing new paint and carpet couldn't fix. "Afters" are always so much better when the "before" pictures are awful, anyway. And yes, you are seeing a border of teddy bears. This house had lots of interesting borders. Yikes.



And here are some pictures of our progress: 


This was a very fun room for me to work on. Before moving into this house, we lived in a one bedroom basement apartment for four years. Let me just say that it was super cozy for us as newlyweds (although the ceilings were a bit short for us 6-footers) but it was NOT cozy for us with a fifteen-month-old. So, during those last few months in the basement, I had plenty of time and motivation to think about what I would do with a nursery/kids room.

I tried to find a yellow that would work for the walls, but finally gave up after like 8 test pots. I decided upon a neutral aqua that would work well with lots of color. I love animals and books, so that is basically what the room revolves around. It started out as a girl's room, but it is pretty gender neutral, so it works for boys, too.