Just one little bird.

I had a post lined up for this morning, but my friend just emailed me a link from the blog, Kisses from Katie, and it made my blog post seem so dumb and trivial, so I decided to scrap it for today and just share the link. 

In case you aren't familiar, Kisses from Katie, is written by Katie Davis, a young woman who has basically given her life to serve the needy and orphaned in Uganda. She moved there in 2007, at the age of 19, and has since adopted 13 of the orphan girls she cared for there. She has also established a child sponsorship program, a feeding program, and a self-sustaining vocational program for the women in a particularly impoverished community.

When I read her blog, I am blown away by her passion, her peace, and her courage in the face of loss, suffering and brokenness. But the thing that really blows my mind is that she is just a normal girl, following Jesus where He has led her.

Please do check out her website and yesterday's post. Have a great weekend! 

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