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Here is our thankful tree. This year I wanted to be more intentional about Thanksgiving, so I thought it might be a fun little way to help us remember God's provision this year. A couple years ago, my friend asked if she could take some branches from an old shrub I had in my back yard to make a thankfulness tree. I have since wanted to do my own version. Thanks for the great idea, Kristin!

I haven't been consistent with doing this every day, but the goal is to write what we are thankful for during dinner and hang the tags on the tree. I think next week we will take off all the tags and review our blessings. I got started on this a little late in November this year, but hopefully it is a good starting point for a yearly tradition.

This is a really simple project. I already had a white pot, so I just went out and found a tree-like branch from the woods behind my house. Maybe there are better ways to ensure the branch stays upright, (it's trickier than it might seem...) but I used the unorthodox "grocery bags in applesauce jar" method.


I just stuck the branch in the jar and stuffed in as many grocery bags as would possibly fit. This keeps the branch from toppling over. Then I set the jar in the pot, stuffed in a few more plastic bags, and filled it with gravel from my patio. Easy peasy.

For the tags, I was inspired by these simple, yet elegant flags from Mohawk's Felt & Wire blog


I just cut up some Trader Joe's brown paper bags, ironed on a white freezer paper backer. (That stuff is amazing, by the way...) Then I cut out various sizes of flag tags, punched a hole in each one, and put a paper reinforcer over the hole. Grommets would have been lovely, but I didn't have any on hand. You could definitely add some bakers twine or string for a sophisticated touch, but I found that the tags hang perfectly on the twigs just as they are. You can write on either side, but I like to write on the white and keep the kraft side blank.


The kids seem to enjoy filling out the tags and inviting any guests who might be over to write a tag, too. It is amusing to hear the things the kids come up with. E wrote a tag on Pete's behalf, saying that he was grateful for frogs and bunnies. Surprisingly perceptive of her, because he is always showing the kids the little creatures that live in our neighborhood. I love that the kids are learning that thankfulness is fun. Because it is.

Have a great weekend!




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