Good Morning


Good morning, weary mother. It's Monday. 

Your house greets you with a basket full of laundry that should have been folded last Thursday. You intended to finish entering the receipts into the budget, but you got distracted by baking shortbread with your little girl. And remember that Target bag full of junk that you gleaned from the car yesterday? Yeah, it's still on the desk... 

How long has it been since you washed your sheets? Umm, too long. Add it to the mental list for this week. And, once again, the leftovers are gone and you have no lunch to send with your husband. He'll have to eat out again...

At least the kids are sleeping in. You can start some oatmeal, and have a minute to dry your hair. And maybe a minute to sit and gear up for the day. Just kidding, here come the little feet. Someone is wailing that her dress got stained at the picnic and is in the hamper. Pants are NOT an option. Especially pants that have no pink. You pick up the baby and get a grin. Then he starts asking for yogurt. Forget oatmeal. Granola & milk will do. Wait, weren't you doing gluten-free this week? Does barley juice extract have gluten? 

Weary mother, you have many things on your mind.  You have little time to sit and be quiet. These things that burden your heart are good things. They are the effects of a home brimming with life. Yet they are heavy. They bear a weight of love and responsibility that all seems to point back to you. And you don't need Pinterest to inform you that you are lacking. You have limits. You have weakness. 

Weary mother, did you forget that you have a God who is enough? Did you forget that your God has no limits, no weakness? Did you forget that there is a Savior who pressed into the realness and the mundaneness of your world so long ago to show you today that He is not bothered by the little troubles that loom so large? Yes, he gave life to a dead man, but he also healed a woman with a fever. He did walk on water, but he also made lunch for a crowd of hungry people.

Weary mother, if you remember anything this Monday, remember this: you have a God who loves you and wants a relationship with you. You have a God who wants you to ask for help. You have a God who wants to satisfy you this morning with His steadfast love, that you may rejoice and be glad all your days (Psalm 90:14). 


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