My little girl had a birthday over the summer, but because of our kitchen renovation, we weren't able to have a party for her. Since the kitchen is now complete, we decided to have a party a few months late. Since pink fluffiness didn't jive with my fall palette I packed it up and carried it to the basement bathroom. We never use that bathroom, so it's where I stow my decorating extras. I got into the habit during our renovation, when there was no other place to stash stuff... 

Anyway, I love decorating, and I love making my little people feel special. I just have to strike that balance of making them feel special, but not going insane to make everything look or feel perfect. That's not what matters to them, anyway. From my experience, a crazy, obsessed, exhausted mommy is not a very nice mommy.

Thankfully this was an easy setup, created mostly with stuff I had on hand. A few months ago, I made some homemade flags and buntings — just simple triangles of scrapbook paper, sewn, taped or clipped onto a string. I hung these around the kitchen and dining area. There is no way I am decorating the entire main level, so I just focused my efforts on the place where people congregate. This makes things a lot simpler and has a greater effect than a few decorations spread around the whole house. 


I kept the thankfulness tree in the corner, because I thought it would look cute with some mini tissue pom-poms. I pinterested (is that a word?) some tutorials for mini-poms, and happened upon this one. These are so easy! I am already envisioning having little gold shaggy poms hanging from my Christmas tree...  I am thrilled with how these turned out. 


I also made some tiny tassel poms by cutting fringe on a folded strip of 2" x 8" tissue, then gathering the middle and tying with string. These were cute, too, but not quite as three-dimensional as the fluffy poms.


While I was carrying a load of extra decor supplies to the basement, I happened upon these adorable owl trivets. I painted them white awhile back, but I thought E would like them in pink, so I tried a pinky-coral ombre effect with some craft paint. Ha, this picture really highlights my sloppy paint job! If you don't want a new wall color, I would recommend doing this part when the kids are down. Wish I had done that... Regardless, the ombre worked, and E loves them. I set owls on top of my microwave with a cardboard "E" that I picked up in the Target dollar section. I just traced its shape on a piece of scrapbook paper and stuck it on with a glue stick. 


It doesn't have to be expensive or complicated to add a little homemade festivity to your gatherings. Simple things like tissue paper, craft paint and string can truly transform a room. Hopefully my little E has as much fun at her party as I had getting ready for it!




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