As I mentioned last week, I am in the process of updating my blog house tour. I am working on the living room, but my pics last week didn't turn out very well so I may have to reshoot.

In the meantime, I did get some photos of my entryway.  There is nothing super special about it, and it didn't get a major facelift, but I am satisfied with how it has turned out so far. We painted it at move-in, and replaced the lights a year or two ago. I added a little arrangement of frames on the stairwell wall (which needs to be updated with my son's silhouette), some mirrors and some hooks by the door for our bags and coats, and a woven basket for all of our shoes. Ha, normally, the basket looks like a dump, and I freely admit that I cleaned it up for the pictures.

Eventually, I would love to add some board and batten, and replace the original oak bannister with a straight white one, but I don't know if that will ever happen. I am calling it good enough for now...


It's a very small space, so it's difficult to shoot all the angles at one, but here are some not-so-great shots to show the layout. In the one below, the front door is hidden on the far left, and the doorknob you see is the main level half bath. 


This one shows the little wall dividing the entryway from the living room. 


Also, you can't see too well from the photos, but there is a very awkward little hall that connects the entryway to the kitchen. This hallway has me stumped. It is very narrow, and I have been hesitant to hang anything on the wall or lay down a rug. This is where I would love to put the board and batten... I think it might visually broaden the space. 


So, that sums up the entryway. Hopefully I will have living room shots soon. Happy Monday! 

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