Monochrome and Mums



Decorating for fall is so fun. I was feeling monochromatic this year, mostly inspired by these white pumpkins I found at Trader Joes. I LOVE them. And you can't beat 69 cents apiece! I didn't realize how small the mouth of my jar was, though, so I had to cram one of the pumpkins in--it won't be coming out in one piece. Even though I like the look of such a limited palette, it was challenging to create the atmosphere I wanted without bold pops of color. But it was fun to try something different than reverting to my usual bright yellow or green accents.  

A note on the birds... Originally, I purchased the larger bird at a thrift store before we got married 7 years ago, but it fell off the mantle and broke in our other house. Last year, Pete surprised me with this cute replacement pair that I found on ebay. Welcome home little partridges.

See the branch in the background behind the birds? That is our thankfulness tree. It's an idea I got from one of my friends. But it will have its own post in the next couple weeks...


Here's our front door decoration. Nothing out of the ordinary, but these mums were just too pretty to pass up. They look like they have fire in them. Really unique and totally worth $5.99. Our house exterior color has never been my favorite, but we have strict HOA regulations, so there isn't much to do about it. I thought the orange and white brightened things up a bit. 




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