Thrift Score

Happy Columbus Day! I love Monday holidays because it makes the rest of the week shorter. I also love Monday holidays because they mean thrift store sales. I had a familiar feeling when I woke up this morning that I was going to find something good. So I dashed out for a bit to check the stock at my favorite shop—where everything was 50% off.

Awhile back, Pete was looking for a desk chair for his office space at home. I found this one from West Elm and thought it looked like a good option. Then we just kind of forgot about it... Mostly because $200 for a swivel chair was not on our radar. But it was a nice thought :)



Fast forward to this morning. (You can see where this is heading...) After a brief walk around the furniture section, I saw it. I flipped it over to confirm that it was indeed the one from West Elm. Check. It was priced at 29.99, which meant I got it for $15 bucks. And it is in pretty nearly perfect condition—even the hydraulic lever to raise and lower it works.. Can't beat that with a stick. That's what we say in Arkansas...


I am pretty sure that each thrift store has a limited number of lifetime happy vibes that it doles out to unsuspecting shoppers. It's like an invisible bonus card on steroids. Considering that this is like the hundredth amazing thing I have found there, I am pretty sure I got one of the vibes. I talk to my friends who go there and they don't  find too much... And there are thrift store where my friends apparently have the happy vibes that I don't—they find crazy deals and I just find junk. Go figure.

Anyway, we like our new chair. Pete is still deciding if it is comfortable enough for him, but I figure that even if he decides he doesn't want it, I could turn over a decent profit on Craigslist. In summary, don't neglect your local thrift stores, people. You never know when a store might dispense a new happy vibe. You might be the next unsuspecting shopper...


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